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Sunday, October 08, 2006

blogger beta

is there anyone using blogger/blogspot out there who has switched over to the beta yet? i'm wondering if there's some way i can add labels to all of my entries (400-ish) a little more easily than editing and publishing each one over again.

also, keep in mind if you switch to the blogger beta and are signed up for something like PayPerPost, you MUST remove the "NOFOLLOW" bits out of your template or your posts will get rejected. see, i didn't notice that by switching over in the first place, it automatically sticks some in there, but then some of the features (like making your blog "friends only") have the word NOFOLLOW in the template, but are commented out. this will also result in your PPP posts being rejected.


so if you were thinking of switching to the beta, be cautious aboot it, back up your template and all that jazz. it kept some of my customizations when i switched over, but ditched anything that couldn't easily be classified as directly blog related - like the search box and notify list (by the way, you can sign up for the notify list and get emailed most every day when i post).

the nifty thing though is that even if you sign up for the beta, switch your shit over and decide you don't like it - you can switch back.

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