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Monday, June 05, 2006

i think i finally understand horror movies

i think i finally have developed a thorough understanding of horror movie victims.  you know the type that i'm talking about right?  the people in the movie who clearly should know better to not look behind the door, not open the window, not answer the call of the loved one they think is in pain, etc.

there is a travel mug on my desk.  it's made of stainless steel, and when i make use of the mug it keeps my coffee quite warm for a very long time.

however, it is not designed to keep my coffee warm for several weeks.

which is how long the last cup of coffee has been sitting in there.

part of me wants to open it up and look inside.  it's been sitting there on my desk for a minimum of two weeks with the lid on.  i occasionally pick it up just to remind myself that there was/is something liquid in it.  i'm quite curious to see what has happened in there.  i'm sure at some point that the microbes in the air and the little bits of whatever inside decided to join forces and grow together creating a symbiotic relationship with each other and spawning at least a couple of new species of mould.  maybe there's a new creature in there that's been growing and waiting patiently for some unsuspecting victim.  once the lid has been removed, it will seize the opportunity and leap forward to unleash its terror upon humankind.

or it could just be a mouldy old cup of coffee that stinks real bad.

either way i think i'm just a little bit frightened to open it up.  i'll have to wait until there's nobody else around.  if it's the creature - it will consume me, but hopefully die of hunger in its search for others.  if it's just a stank old cup of coffee - then it will only be me to gag once its horror has been unleashed.


  • At Mon Jun 05, 09:15:00 PM, Blogger Cuppojoe said…

    If you drink it black, like me, it could still just be black coffee... I had a cup sit on my desk for at least 3 weeks before it showed any fur.

    If you're the cream and sugar type, though, good luck!

  • At Sat Jul 22, 08:46:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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