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Thursday, May 25, 2006

don't forget to bring a towel

okay, so i completely forgot about it being Towel Day,  but in my own defence i can't be expected to remember something before six in the morning.  it's just not feasible.

t'other day i got an amazing deal on a box of Oatmeal to Go bars at the grocery store (because oatmeal in ANY form rules).  the unfortunate thing is that i made the classic mistake of not realizing how good the deal was and only bought one box.  now when i go to the grocery store, the boxes stare at me and laugh with their $3 per box higher price tag and laugh maniacally.  they ridicule me and tell me that i'm going to have to eat inferior snacks once my box is empty because i will be far too cheap to pay the inflated price.

who am i kidding.  i'm such a consumer.  i'll totally end up paying the higher price.  and the way Oatmeal prices have been going, it's just going to get more and more expensive.  but the damn Oatmeal companies have us pinned with their profits, and of course the government's taxes on oatmeal.

once a coworker of mine laughed at the fact that i ate oatmeal and referred to it as "something that my food eats before it gets to my barbecue."

but he obviously just doesn't understand our nation's addiction to Oatmeal.


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