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Friday, June 02, 2006

a side order of clumsy

in keeping with the "mmat sucks" theme of the last couple of days, today has been what is most likely the clumsiest day of the week so far (thankfully the week is officially ending in a matter of hours).

today i pinched the end of my finger in the handles of the scissors while opening the milk container.  so now i have a little bruise on my middle finger's fingerprint (sorry, i forgot to bring my camera today).

i also deployed a non-functional version of a report in place of the functional version and wasted a good hour of someone else's time as a result.

well, i s'pose that one isn't too bad.

and i also brought one of my mini-cds to listen to on the way to work.  does my car's cd player play mini-cds?  no.  did i already know this?  yes.

maybe i've been doing crack today and i just haven't told myself.


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