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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

everyone's addicted to pretzels

if for some bizarre reason you ever wanted to get all of your coworkers to be on your side, put a bag of pretzels on your desk and leave it open. Rold Gold tends to work the best. corporate slaves seem to be helpless against the power of the pretzel. it's almost as if the pretzel releases some sort of endorphin that will allow the giver of the pretzels to get their way when the pretzel consumer is standing there eating pretzels and taking up space in your office cubicle for no other reason.

for example: boss like character comes to your desk to ask you to do something, sees the pretzels and asks, "hey, can i have some?" this will generally lead into some non-work related conversation and the boss-like figure walking away, forgetting to ask you to do whatever it was they originally set out to accomplish.

i imagine the only more effective way of doing this would be to have beer on your desk.



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