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Friday, November 03, 2006

it's either friday, or i'm retarded

or maybe it's friday AND i'm retarded.

i was the first one into the office today, which means that it was my responsibility to shut off the security system and turn on all the lights in the office. see, all of this stuff happens automatically at 8:30 every morning, but if you want to get here early like the cool kids at 6:30 then you gots to do it yourself.

remembering my security code wasn't too bad. i had my hands full - coffee, muffin, a work day worth of cds to listen to. only slight coffee-to-clean-shirt connections were made in the attempt to find the sticker on the back of my driver's license with my rarely-used 7 digit security number and i gained access. the next step was the more difficult one: where the hell is the light switch.

i searched frantically. checked almost every wall, behind the office administrator's desk and around corners before i decided to put all my crap down on my desk to resume the search unburdened with hot spillable drinks.

four more minutes of searching (without hot coffee in my hand) lead me to find exactly where this mysterious light switch was hidden.

beside the door i just came in.

the tricky thing is that the switch was installed sideways for some reason. perhaps to draw attention to its sideways nature, perhaps to remove it from my immediate perception as an object that's supposed to be there. perhaps this light switch is someone else's problem?

and today's dinosaur comic is about monks and oatmeal. you should read it eh.



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