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Thursday, October 26, 2006

never trust anyone over 30!

partly from a comment Martini made, and partly from a trip to the local Value Village this morning, the all important question of "Where are they now?" will be asked.

of course, everyone remembers Helix right? this morning at the Value Village it seems as though a single person's entire cassette tape collection was on display for those of us willing to pay 79 cents for a piece of their life. rocking out loud in the center of the collection were 4 different Helix cassettes.

unfortunately, my 2007 Toyota Yaris does not come equipped with a cassette player and my apartment is packed for the move or i would be 4 Helix tapes richer.

so where are they now? Wikipedia doesn't go too far into details other than to mention that one of the guitarists was killed in a true Rock n' Roll style accident and the lead singer is selling merchandise and singing classically (not rockingly) at weddings. check out the official site for more details.

also among the list of golden almost-purchased (but not really) cassette gems was Timbuk 3. okay, honestly i think i'd have to say that there would never be a point in my life when i would spend money on one of their albums since their one and only hit single "the Future's so bright, i've gotta wear shades" drove me absolutely nuts many years ago. the Wikipedia entry mentions that they split up "with the ex-members going on to record other music independently." i'm gonna bet that the music being recorded was probably used-car commercial jingles.

so, did i save 79 cents or did i miss an opportunity? and what happened after their 10 years of glory (and by glory i mean independent yet terrible records)?



  • At Fri Oct 27, 08:52:00 AM, Anonymous Tracey said…

    you totally missed an opportunity. get yourself back there! you never know when a cassette player may appear in your life.

  • At Fri Oct 27, 12:21:00 PM, Blogger Martini said…

    Gawd! I would never give up my old tapes or albums. Let's see, Europe, Bobby McFerrin, MC Hammer, The Sugarcubes..... they have to be worth more than a few cents, don't they?
    (Thanks for the link!)


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