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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

whose side are you on?

okay, i'm finally caught up completely on my Civil War reading and am anxiously anticipating the next installment. i've even read all the tie-in issues too (marion, let me know if you're missing any - i can email them to you). i'm surprised at just how addicted to it i have become - addicted to the point where i've hunted down downloads of comics that i read when i was a kid just so i have more comic books to read (remember how awesome the Secret Wars were?).

you know what else is awesome? is the fact that a good percentage of gas stations in Ontario (probably all of Canada for that matter) have a Tim Horton's inside waiting for you. that makes donut-eating so incredibly convenient. and you know how i love convenience. and donuts. so convenience + donuts = good math skilld.

and hey, if'n you were going to be in the Kitchener/Waterloo area on Saturday you need to go to the Stitch N' Kitsch show to do your christmas shopping. Cindy of Studioloo is going to be there with her awesome display of fun stuff as well as over 30 local artists and craftpeople so you can do all of your christmas work in one spot. more gooder, all the time.



  • At Wed Dec 13, 08:43:00 PM, Anonymous tracey said…

    Hey Cindyloo... hope all goes well at the Show this weekend.

  • At Fri Dec 15, 10:53:00 PM, Blogger pirategirl said…

    Dave's been getting Spiderman, but I don't think he's gotten any of the other ones.

    Have you read Runaways or the Runaways/Young Avengers stuff? Those are good things. And Joss Whedon is taking over Runaways if you're as big a nerd as me and like that stuff.

  • At Sun Dec 17, 11:36:00 AM, Blogger mmat said…

    i've been reading ALL the tie-ins. Runaways/Young Avengers, Spiderman, Civil War Front Line, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Xmen - you name it. send me an email with your mailing address if you want and i can send you a CD with it all on there. i'll wait until after the december issues are all out though so you can get all your civil war action in one spot.


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