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Thursday, August 17, 2006

6030 muthafucka!

after returning to my domicile yesterday evening, i noticed that again there was no UPS tag on my mailbox, indicating to me that my phone had not yet arrived.  I did some mental preparations for the upcoming angry customer service phone call i was about to make, and promptly made the call.

lo and behold, the customer service people were not only friendly, but they also advised me that my phone had in fact been shipped, they had the tracking number and it was at the UPS depot waiting patiently for me.

this morning, a brief detour on my way to work put into my possession one brand spanking new Nokia 6030.  this phone is not full of crazy features.  it has no built-in messenger application, no built in phone, iTunes or bluetooth.  it just works, sounds good and has a wonderful battery life (upwards of 12 days of standby time, 3+ hours of talk time).  it does have a built-in FM radio, but you need to buy headphones for that.  i don't really care about the FM radio though, i care mostly about the fact that i can talk with it and send text messages.

and now i can.

four + weeks of waiting, 5 angry customer service phone calls and some hostile rebate negotiations later and i'm connected to the world once again using todays fandangular wireless technology.

the really funny thing is it will probably be a few days before i even actually get a phone call, but when i get that call i will be answering it happily on my functional new phone.


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