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Friday, February 16, 2007

a comic-to-film actually going right?

i think i'd have to say that after some atrocious decisions in the Marvel Comics headquarters, that their movie making decisions seem to be getting things back on the right path. Iron Man certainly seems to be on the path to making a decent comic book based movie after making some solid casting decisions and avoiding actors who make too much money for stereotyping themselves.

i almost wonder if Marvel may try yet another attempt at reviving the Captain America franchise with some competent writers and actors once the Iron Man project is complete in order to combine these with Spider-man for a Civil War movie. it would be a pretty tough project to combine all of the story lines properly, and could likely be turned into a multi-movie franchise of its own. it would have to either have an enormous special effects budget, or be done in CG animation i think in order to completely encompass everything.

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