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Thursday, February 01, 2007

did anyone see tron?

i remember when i was a kid thinking "those motorcycle things that make the walls are SO awesome, i can't wait until i get zapped into a video game so i can drive them."

i think i was pretty convinced that by the time i reached thirty they'd have these out on the road. maybe they'd be police cycles or something. it'd be pretty handy to have in a high speed chase...

"just send the blue bike up front to cut him off - but make sure he turns left because we're all gonna turn right!"

the best we seem to be able to do though is all-wheel drive. and not even on motorcycles. i guess nintendo's made the first real step into getting people to be able to be zapped into the computer grid with the Wii.

i bet the Wii's had a pretty hard impact on the bowling industry you know. there weren't too many people out there who would have been willing to play a bowling video game before this system came out, but now it seems everyone i know who has one of these consoles is nuts about the bowling game. maybe that's what gamers really wanted - a good bowling game. it wasn't first-person shooters and driving simulations - bowling would have done the trick all along and nobody knew.

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