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Sunday, February 25, 2007

it's 11am and my day's almost over

here i sit at job number two. job number one started at around 2 this morning and thankfully, job number two ends in a few hours.

but because my capacity for rational thought is dwindling, today i will spend time laughing at the news:
  • for example, two clowns were shot at a circus. now i know it's somewhat morbid and disrespectful to point fun at other people dying, but you gotta at least think that the only better way for a clown to go is if the headline read "volkswagen beetle hits lamp post, 35 clowns died"
  • or a thief that got stuck in the snow trying to escape from a burglary. the place he tried to rob: the building next to a police dog training facility. an f+ for planning, but a b- in doing stupid things.
  • and finally, a town in New Jersey will be enforcing a time limit on barking dogs. perhaps if the dogs bark too long, the owner will be spayed or neutered?

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