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Friday, March 30, 2007

not amused, but strangely productive

on those days where i am compelled to come to the office early, i generally find myself ridiculously productive. it's good for my boss, but not so good for me in my effort to do as little as is humanly possible for my money.

the unfortunate thing about this morning is that a large number of other staff decided that today would be a great day to hop into the office for an early friday. for example: the girl with the really (really) annoying voice was in shortly after 8 whining constantly "i'm so hungry this morning, i skipped breakfast to get here early today."

all the while i'm thinking "okay, you've spent nearly 15 minutes complaining about being hungry - you could have had breakfast and come in 15 minutes later and kept your mouth shut." but i think that's just me being a prick.



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