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Monday, March 12, 2007

the wire hanger scene was probably the most psychotic

growing weary of the same nonsense that seems to be plaguing the television universe, i decided to watch a movie last night. Mommie Dearest was the first suggestion made, and the first dvd to make it into the player. i own a copy of it, but had never actually seen it... or even heard of it for that matter.

it's based on the off-screen life of Joan Crawford and her adopted children Christina and Christopher. what it reveals is a true story that you watch and think "wow... hollywood is SCREWED UP." you get to see a glimpse into the life of an obsessive compulsive woman who adopts children to help promote her image and spends her life destroying them and herself mentally.

Faye Dunaway's performance was outstanding, but in my opinion better choices could have been made for the role of her daughter. all in all though it was a well done movie, and not nearly deserving of the awards for which it was nominated. definitely worth renting if you're in the mood to see the completely insane side of early hollywood. i'll not be putting any wire hangers in my closet from now on.



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