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Friday, March 16, 2007

rejected by the devil, approved by trial audiences

last night's movies in this week of movie watching were filled with light hearted humour and silliness.

first in line was A Night at the Roxbury. a movie based on two saturday night live characters played by Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan that play these unpopular losers trying desperately to get into what they deem to be Hollywoods coolest club - the Roxbury. their attempts to get into the club lead them to meeting one of their idols - Richard Grieco - finding some ladies that think they're just acting retarded and are really rich club owners, and almost finding themselves torn apart by a woman. there's some really silly moments and hey... did somebody just grab my ass?

second on the list was The Devil's Rejects. at first i wasn't overly content with the quality of this movie. i think at first i was expecting it to be more of a horror film like the first film in the series House of 1000 Corpses, but it turned out to be more of a crime-thriller than a horror. there were some moments that left a lot to be desired - the "tutti-fuckin'-frutti" moment being one of them, but the movie was a little schizophrenic. there would be a brutally violent scene accompanied by some spastic light-hearted seventies music that both made sense and didn't all at the same time. brilliant performances by William Forsythe (who i barely recognized... he was really incredible in a completely different style here) and Sid Haig more than made up for the mediocre performances from Bill Moseley and Sherri Moon Zombie. overall, it was a fun and ultraviolent movie as long as you watch it realizing that it's not the horror flick you may have expected. i was a bigger fan of House of 1000 Corpses, but this movie was definitely on the "worth seeing" list.

not sure what's going to make it into tonight's movie-watching list. i have a bunch of low-budget horror movies that i still haven't watched, maybe i should tackle those.



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