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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

running for a cause other than myself

as summer time begins, out come the pledge forms and charitable causes. my cause would happen to be the Terry Fox Run for cancer research.

for anyone who may not know the story of Terry Fox, i would strongly recommend reading the short bio that's posted on their site. to give some quick details, he lost his leg to cancer in 1977 and decided that he would run across Canada to raise money and awareness for cancer research - the Marathon of Hope. Unfortunately, Terry did not make it across Canada as the cancer had spread into his lungs, forcing him to end his journey short and he passed away a few months later.

one of the many reasons (including numerous family members who have been affected by this horrible disease), is the fact that unlike many charities, this is one where the organizers are not getting rich off of it. clicking here you'll see that 87% of every dollar donated goes directly into cancer research. fundraising and administration costs are always kept at a minimum.

it has been said that if Terry Fox had suffered the same illness today, that as a result of the money raised for research and the progress made that not only would he have survived, but he would have also been able to keep his leg from being amputated.

You can follow this link here to sponsor me online - no amount is too much or too little. The run is on September 17th of this year - I will be running 10 km at the Mississauga Port Credit location (please don't use that map if you're trying to find it, it's just for a general idea).


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