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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

muzak and the welfare bum

in the last few days i've been addicted to the Wu-Tang album Enter the 36 Chambers.  i would have to say that in my opinion there are a lot of better rap albums than that one, but there's just something about it.  maybe it's the countless samples from poorly-overdubbed samurai and kung-fu movies... "the shao-lin and the wu-tang could be dangerous."  for anyone who doesn't know (and i'm pretty sure anyone reading this already does know) the Wu-Tang Clan is the birth place for a whole pile of the industry's best rappers - Methodman, Ol' Dirty Bastard and Ghostface Killah to name just a few.  definitely some of the best voices of rap all piled together on one disc.  worth picking up a copy if you don't already have one (though personally i've always like Wu-Tang Forever better - but most people tend to disagree with me).

i'm almost done creating the group for the music swap.  email me at welfarebum @ gmail . com (remove the spaces of course) if'n you want to take part.  everyone is welcome as long as you're not a psycho stalker.  remember, your musical tastes and preferences don't really matter - if i get a cd full of new-wave country i'm probably not gonna like it, but i'll at least give it a listen and let y'all know what i think about it.  i'll post some rules and guidelines over the next day or two, and i'd really like to start a swap next week.

that all being said, my work is still ridiculously busy this week.  hopefully this will be the end of my not being able to have time to do things other than work (i mean, who actually WORKS when they're at work?  how lame-o-ramic).  who'd have thought that low-end database stuff and writing reports could be so time consuming.


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