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Friday, June 09, 2006

what?? did you say something?

today my hearing hurts.  but for a good cause.

my little sister sent an email t'other day telling me she had an extra MINISTRY (loud music link warning) ticket with my name on it.

to which i said "HELL YEAH"

it was a great show.  a couple of opening bands i hadn't really heard of but may check out again at some point.  the first band had the word Pitbull in the name (Pitbull Daycare maybe?  can't quite remember) - not too bad, the lead singer kept hitting himself in the head.  that right there's got entertainment value.  the Revolting Cocks (sorry, no link for that one while i'm at work - don't want that search coming up on the company's filters).  Al Jourgensen came out and played guitar for them for their whole set.  then Ministry.  and what's awesome is they even played most of the songs anyone who doesn't pay much attention would remember them for - N.W.O., Just One Fix, Psalm 69.  yes, much ass was kicked by Ministry during that show.

and my ears too yo.  it's been about 7 hours since the show ended and i can still hear the ringing.  now, i always have a little bit of ringing in my ears which sort of goes along with a history of going to concerts and not wearing ear plugs, but MAN the ringing's loud.  and everything (other than the ringing) sounds like i've got ear plugs in.  which i don't.

so speak quietly to me today, but not too quietly because i won't hear you at all.

that being said, my word of advice to anyone thinking about going to a concert - bring ear plugs and wear them.  it won't drown out that much of the sound, just the part that hurts.  the concert may be cool but permanent hearing damage - not so much.


  • At Fri Jun 09, 08:06:00 AM, Blogger Cuppojoe said…

    I remember the first time I ever bought ear plugs at a concert (for my gf, not me... she's the smart one). I felt like such a geezer!


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