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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Movie Algebra: movie A plus movie B = movie AB!

what happens when you wear out your sequel opportunities in one movie franchise, and meet someone else who's run out of sequel opportunities on their movie franchise?

well, you combine them together of course!

Freddy met Jason in a clash of two of the most over-sequeled movies in history.

Aliens met the Predator in another.

then you've got a whole new opportunity for MORE SEQUELS!!!  let's hear it for AVP2!

of course, that's not the really sad part.  the REALLY sad part is that not only have i seen all of the original sequels, but i have also stooped to the level of watching BOTH combo flicks and will likely end up watching the sequels of the combos.

now i can't tell who sucks more - me or the production companies.



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