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Thursday, June 08, 2006

where movies differ from real life

remember the coffee?  yeah, me too.  pretty gross.  strangely frightening.

perhaps even more frightening today was that this morning i decided i would open the mug and clean it out.  i carefully and slowly picked up the covered travel mug and made a steady journey to the kitchen in my office building.

i approached the sink, travel mug in hand, just a little nervous as to what i would be seeing - worse yet, smelling - once the lid was removed.

i glanced around quickly - nobody within reasonable distance.

slowly i removed the lid and found...


at some point in the last few days, someone went to the effort of taking the mug from its place, emptying it and putting it back without my knowledge.  some brave soul with a stomach of steel felt the need to find out the exact content of my travel mug of doom.

it wasn't washed out though.  there was still a minute amount of coffee sediment in the bottom of the cup.

alas, there no pictures of the coffee mug of horror and no terrible tales of cubicle contained vomit.

now, what to do about the Pepsi can that's been on my desk for the last eight days...



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