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Monday, June 12, 2006

once again back is the incredible, the rhyme animal

hot damn! another $10 sale at threadless! anyone reading should click the true fact about cowboys below to check out some kick-arse t-shirts

so far i've recruited a handful of people in agreeing that yesterday's idea was a good one, but i still need a handful more before i'll go to the effort of setting up a group and getting some swapping in gear. no need to have a blog you're going to post this stuff to, so if you know someone outside the blog-nerd-world that would like to take part, post a comment or email and let me know. of course please keep in mind that you'd be comfortable in that person knowing your mailing address (i'll try to make sure my psycho filter is in full effect).

so yeah, let's hear it for getting something in the mail other than bills yo.


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