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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

hot mixes and a sandwich bag

k, so for any and all of those interested in the music swap, this week at some point over the next couple of days i'll be creating a google group, posting the rules and providing the link for y'all to join.  if there's lots of people i figure we can swap once a month, if there's not as many maybe once every couple of months.  we'll see.

oh, and by the way, there is a new chihuahua puppy roaming around in my apartment.  coming in at a colossal 2.2 pounds, he is roughly 10% of the body weight of my orange fluffy cat.  they seem to get along pretty good though.  it's kind of insane just how cute a dog that small is.  cute to the point that people slow down their cars and stop in the road when we're walking along so that they can point at him and gush over his cuteness (pictures will follow soon).

this week is theoretically going to be a very hectic week at work.  the main problem i'm encountering is the whole "waiting for people to do their shite" shite that i regularly work with.  some people don't seem to emphasize working to their maximum potential here, or maybe just their maximum speeds.  it's quite rare that any pressure is set on deadlines - like the deadline of this friday.  an email was sent out earlier saying "we still appear to be on target for this friday..." - honestly, you'd think that a massive client-impacting deadline might be a little more solidly set than that.  meh.  what can you do?

read blogs more effectively i'd guess.  anyone have any ideas?  i've thought aboot various online things and offline things.  i know BlogExplosion has an offline reader, and i've been using a plugin for FireFox called "Sage", but that doesn't really help me manage my list that well, or easily link to people.  there's aboot a half-dozen or so more blogs i've got to add to my link list that are waiting on my designing a new layout.  does anyone know if Bloglines or Blogrolling help manage the list of blogs you list as links?  i suppose i could just create accounts on either of those and try for myself, but i want to hear what other people haves to say aboot it.


  • At Tue Jun 20, 02:12:00 PM, Blogger golfwidow said…

    Bloglines uses a folders system. It was very quick to learn and can create separate blogrolls for each folder. My blogroll page (http://diarytown.com/golfwidow/blogroll.html) has two separate blogrolls (the "blogs" folder and the "Diaryland" folder) both generated by Bloglines.


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