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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

el musico el swapico

seems there's a bit of interest thus far in the idea of a music swap, but i think some people are hesitating based on the idea that i've been pretty non-specific regarding guidelines.  this won't be the official set-in-stone rules, but some general guidelines that i would like to follow in the event this music-swap idea ever gets in gear.  mostly i want to give some answers to questions that have been asked so far...
  • what type of music am i looking for (thanks for asking Jen)?  any type.  i listen to an enormous variety of genres and i don't want to limit or request anything from someone who might be sending me a mix.  what i'm looking for most is an interesting mix of music that surrounds a theme.  i might like it, i might not, whatever.  i'd rather not get a mix that was full of Good Charlotte and Poison, but if that's the mix i get - so be it.  i'm sure some people may not like some of the mixes i make.
  • worried about making a crappy mix?  think you have shite taste in music (thanks for the comment helen)?  no worries.  the way i figure is this - everyone sends/receives a mix.  when you get your mix, post to the forum/group that you got it and what you think of it (always post a track list too by the way).  the thing that i like the most about it is getting something different and fun in the mail that isn't a credit card bill.
  • as for sharing playlists (thanks to cuppojoe for that idear)?  i think as long as both the sender and recipient can agree that's the way they prefer to send and recieve music, that's fine.  personally i prefer to have the disc in hand with the tracks on it.  it'll make me listen to the whole thing front-to-back.
  • for each round of music swaps - one person will send one (or more) mixes to one other people.  anyone else who wants to make a copy of the cd can check the track list on the forum and make their own copy.  unless of course you're the crazy type who wants to mail something to every other person - but that will be your choice.
this isn't an original idea.  mostly i'm stealing from a group i used to be a part of that sort of fizzled apart when it came down to there only being 3 or 4 active members, so i'd like to see at least a half-dozen people before i commit to actually getting this thing in gear.  we'll do one round of swaps, post the results to the forum and get things going from there.  if there's more interest i'll make some more solid rules/guidelines and a forum to post things to (if you don't have a blog but still want to take part, no worries - that's what the forum will be for).

and again, as i mentioned - anyone who you suggest outside of the blog reading world to join needs to be someone with whom you are comfortable having your mailing address.

so yeah, email or comment if you're interested.


  • At Wed Jun 14, 04:20:00 PM, Blogger Cuppojoe said…

    Okay, I'm definitely in.

    Here's a thought, too... How about one of the "rules" being that the mix-author has to name the mix something creative? I've always loved giving names to the mixes I make that remind me of why, when, or where I made the mix.

    My favorite to date is still "Jawbone Over April".

  • At Wed Jun 14, 04:23:00 PM, Blogger mmat said…

    i like that idea. see, most of the time when i make a mix i give it a title so i hadn't even thought that people wouldn't. good call.

  • At Wed Jun 14, 11:06:00 PM, Blogger Cuppojoe said…

    I've just seen too many "January 2000" or "Summer Songs"...

    Here's another of my favs: I was going to British Columbia one spring, so I named the mix for the trip "A.D. 1992... B.C. Bound".


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