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Friday, June 30, 2006


quiet!  mom's asleep!

i love the news.  not the politics and war (well, North Korean politics are pretty cool, but that's a whole different story), but the good news that's usually found under the heading of "Oddly Enough" or "Odd News" or "Offbeat".

i love to read stories about ... oh ... stuff like the guy who had a lightbulb stuffed up his arse - and didn't know about it, or that in the philippines some soldiers are getting in shit for pawning their guns.

totally off topic...

in the coming weeks i'm going to have some time off and i've begun training for my vacation.  well, more of a long weekend really.  what i'm planning to do is a two to three day bike tour of southern ontario.  i'll be starting in Toronto and heading east.  making some good use of the bike i went on so much aboot.  i'll be covering about 250km of territory over that time period and hopefully taking lots of pictures.  there's a great site that outlines the trip from Toronto to Montreal - i'm pretty much stopping at the half-way point.


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