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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sometimes bird poo tastes like candy

i've recently noticed that Kim Jong Il (the ill-matic) has started updating his Livejournal again. which is really good, because i've missed his dialogues with George W quite a bit.

i started watching the new version of The Bad News Bears and i think i'm gonna have to say i'm becoming a fan of Billy Bob Thornton. i thought that his role in Bad Santa as a drunken washed-up foul-mouthed loser was absolutely brilliant, and from what i've seen so far his role in Bad News Bears seems to follow the same path. unfortunately, i've only seen the first 20 mins or so of Bad News Bears but i fully intend to watch the rest soon (the part where the fat kid drops a plastic baggy of bacon and starts cursing about how he's on the Atkins diet was pure gold.

there was an open house at our condo today. we don't own the condo, we just rent, so you can see how annoying it is. but keep in mind that this here is the brilliance of having an open house this weekend (today particularly):

  • the world cup is/was today (though i don't know who won and don't particularly care)
  • the Molson Grand Prix also happened to be this weekend (formerly Molson Indy).
  • not to mention several other festival type events.
needless to say, not a lot of people came to check out the open house.

only five more days until my two-day cycling tour. just in case you missed me going on aboot it before, i'm going to be cycling approximately 250km (~155 miles) between friday morning and saturday night. i'm pretty excited, but i think that's only because i haven't done it yet. come saturday afternoon i probably won't be that excited any more. just tired.

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