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Friday, August 18, 2006

you know they have grape flavour too?

... and now for the mmat's new cellphone awards ...

first text message sent to mmat's new phone - cindy !
first phone call AND voicemail sent to mmat's new phone - the Original Gangsta!

i'm so glad that the weekend has come.  work hasn't been bad or anything, i just don't feel like working.  i've been itching to get out of the office all week this week.  i think it's the ridiculously good weather we've been having here.

i've convinced another person i know to buy a Toyota Yaris.  oddly, she ended up buying almost the exact same one I did (i got some extra features she didn't want).  she even got the same colour.

why should you buy one?  how about fuel efficiency.  my real world gas mileage averages just under 6 L per 100 km if i'm not using the A/C, and about 6.5 with the A/C (that's about 40 miles per gallon in american).  and that's REAL WORLD fuel economy.  done by checking the amount of gas i've put into the gar and dividing by the amount that i've driven between tanks.  very not bad.  i think i'd have to pay about 18 grand more for a hybrid to beat that kind of mileage.

and it's got loads of room.  it can comfortably sit 5 normal sized adults, and for the mafia readers - you can easily get two bodies in the trunk.  three or four if you chop them up and stuff them in garbage bags first.

and i can outrun just about any pre-2006 Honda Civic* on the road.

enough aboot my car.  so far all i have to talk aboot this morning other than that is poptarts though.

mmmm... poptarts.

i'm not sure why, but one of my coworkers bought a huge box of boxes of poptarts (i think they call them cases in the shipping industry) and has been offering them out to everyone like crazy.  so now everyone in the office is addicted to Frosted Chocolate Fudge poptarts.  and when the case runs out we'll probably all start twitching and shaking with sugary poptart withdrawl.

* i mean Honda Civic's that haven't been modified into race cars by fat guys who live in their parents' basements


  • At Fri Aug 18, 12:17:00 PM, Blogger Martini said…

    We bought our hybrid Insight from a dealer in the U.S. and the exchange rate was so damn good when we bought it, that it cost thousands less than the Canadian model. Plus we got air and auto basically for free.

    6L per 100k is awesome. Our lifetime fuel average so far is 4.5L/100 km which is almost 53 U.S. mpg. It's supposed to get 3.3L/100k hwy, but we've never had a trip that good yet. 3.7L (64 mpg U.S.) is our best so far.

    However, we did spend about $4,000 more than the top o' the line Yaris. But - excellent choice! If we had to buy a non-hybrid, we would have gone with the Yaris.


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