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Thursday, September 21, 2006


for the last while i've been addicted to this computer game called "Hockey League Simulator". it's pretty old school - late 80s or early 90s i think. i remember my family had a 286 computer but my friend had a 386 with a colour monitor so whenever i would go to my friend's house we'd play this hockey league game.

it doesn't have any graphics, images, or whatever. just text. it had all of the players for all of the teams at the time, salaries, budgets, trading, farm teams, waivers. everything but the graphics. if you wanted the graphics, you could export your team to another game - Wayne Gretzky Hockey - then import the game stats from WGH into the league simulator.

i was always big on the league simulator though. didn't care much for the graphics and and jazz, but i always liked the idea of managing the team's finances, trading players around and what-not.

the game is sometimes realistic to what you'd expect, sometimes a little bit far-fetched. the Montreal Canadians generally seem to finish first with the Edmonton Oilers not too far behind but if you take control of a team and make some good trades, you can start to alter things.

the site that i scored this from seems to have disappeared, so hopefully the zip package i put together will work for you. i'll forewarn you though - since it is an MS-DOS program from many (many) years ago, it's not designed to work well with other programs running at the same time, so you'll want to make sure your screen saver doesn't start up while the game is running or else it'll be a few minutes getting it to go away.

click here for the download from my googlepages site.


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