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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

if i was paying you, would you return my call?

getting a hold of my landlord is a challenging task to say the least.  she's probably almost as difficult to get a hold of as the pope.

see, even though the pope and i go waaaaay back, he's a busy guy.  it's hard to run the catholic empire while still finding time for a good cup of coffee.

i did manage to speak with my landlord on friday and was promised a call back first thing monday morning.  monday came and went, i called and left voicemails for her on her cell and office lines.  here we are on tuesday and still no call back.  i find this bizarre because friday's conversation revolved around the words "important" and "money" and these terms would, under normal circumstances, prompt a timely resolution.

me and popey (you know, captain Benedict the 16th) spoke about it and he told me not to give it too much thought.

"i got yo' back bruva," he said in a calm voice, "i'm ON the mothafucka."

he's a good guy to have in your corner.


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