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Thursday, August 31, 2006

ich bin Zwanzig neun, der gute Schaumgummiringgeschmack

today is my birthday, and so far i have celebrated it with breakfast at Cora's (best breakfast place EVER by the way), a couple of cups of coffee, wonderful amazing birthday presents (cindy rules) and being unproductive at work.

and since i feel like being unproductive, i will do only what NEEDs to be done in order to make the work day worth attending, and then leave early.  i came in late, so why shouldn't i, eh?

sometimes it's nice to know that environmental activists eventually get their way - mcdonald's restaurants are now reducing the size of the opening on their McFlurry lids so that hedgehogs don't get their heads stuck inside ( yahoo odd news for the full story...).

speaking of which, did you hear about the waittress that got a ten thousand dollar tip?  my mistake when i was working in restaurants was that i always either washed dishes or was a cook, so i only got 5%.  i love that in reading the story the woman's having trouble trying to decide about wether to pay for an operation for her father or buy a jeep.  personally, i would never buy a jeep.

unless i had a mullett.

i will also use this birthday opportunity to remind everyone that i will be running 10 km (about 6.5 miles) in support of cancer research in the Terry Fox run next month, so sponsor me by clicking here.  no donation is too big or too small, and about 90% of each dollar donated goes directly into cancer research - there's very little administrative junk or overhead nonsense, just pure charity.

now the Reverend Horton Heat is telling me he's the baddest of the bad, so i should probably go back to being unproductive at work.


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