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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tom & Jerry used to be cool, you know

parents that suck are part of the reason i can't watch good cartoons on television anymore.  seriously, suck it up and explain to your kid that smoking and chopping people's heads off with axes isn't an appropriate thing to do.  i figured it out when i was a kid.  so did many millions of others.  i think it had something to do with figuring out that i wasn't an axe-wielding cat chasing a maniacal mouse.

i remember watching cartoons when i was a kid and knowing quite well that frying pans, large wooden mallets, anvils and pianos were not appropriate instruments of destruction, although i'm sure the world would be a much funnier place if they were.  i learned from cartoons that it was alright to laugh at things that were represented as silly and not to take life too seriously.

THIS, however, is a HORRIBLE example to be displaying to children.  the same parents that will scream at the television studios to tone down the violence, smoking and unnecessary wise-cracks will rush out in droves to buy dolls for their elementary school children that teach them that it's alright to dress like a crack whore and then wonder why their children grow up to be assholes and pedophilia seems to be increasing in popularity (in case you wondered, i've never been a big fan of smoking or pedophiles). 

i've always believed strongly that you should be able to watch whatever on television, but the parents are responsible for teaching their child what is right and what is wrong.  so to the parents who complain about Tom and Jerry cartoons:  fuck off.  mind your child and leave my fucking cartoons alone.


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