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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

smart can be such an ambiguous word

sometimes when you're trying to do something at work, and you think that you're going to try to be smart and experiment with some technique or something that you are sure will work - it almost never does.

so now i'm playing the repair game.  nothing on my computer seems to work properly right now so i'm going to have to spend a good chunk of the morning/early afternoon trying to figure out what the hell went wrong and how the hell am i going to fix it.

i've been reading Overheard in the Office a bit lately, and i'm beginning to wonder how much of it actually happens and how much of it is just recycled bad jokes that people pretend are real.  like this one about a guy who supposedly did some jail time and decides it's just fine to bring it up in a job-interview type position.  my mind keeps telling me that it's impossible for anyone to be that stupid.  but then again, people prove me wrong about that idea every day on my drive to work. 

like the guy in the beige SUV yesterday who tried really hard to drive through the back of my car, passed me with two wheels in my lane and promptly gave me the finger on his way past.  if there was a blog called "overheard in mmat's car" the entry for the afternoon would have read "what in the FUCK was that?!?!?!"

as i sat there in disbelief, trying to decide in my mind whether or not that actually happened, i watched it happen to four other cars before the SUV drove out of sight.  okay, so it DID actually happen and i'm not entirely insane.

well, maybe i am.  i do take my chances on the Don Valley Parkway pretty much every day.


  • At Wed Aug 30, 08:55:00 AM, Blogger Ham said…

    you're hilarious.

  • At Wed Aug 30, 09:49:00 AM, Blogger mmat said…

    well thank you!

  • At Wed Aug 30, 04:25:00 PM, Blogger Martini said…

    That story reminded me of this one (which is totally true btw):

    A few years ago, in downtown T.O., my friend was driving his company car, a hand-built Civic prototype for the next model, when a guy in a giant SUV in the right-hand lane began swerving into his lane. My friend honked at him, then sped up to get away from the guy. He was stopped by a red light and the SUV stopped directly behind him.

    After sitting at the red light for a while, the guy in the SUV suddenly rammed the back of the Civic.

    My friend got out, saying "WTF did you do that for?" and the massive guy (who was clearly on steroids) stood an inch from his face and screamed "You don't want to mess with me. I'll drive right over you. You have no idea who I am."

    Witnesses actually ran away at this point. My friend jotted down the licence plate and drove away, then called 911.

  • At Wed Aug 30, 04:32:00 PM, Anonymous helen said…

    So who was he?!


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