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Monday, August 28, 2006

jumpin on the google train

so, in my ongoing search to find the right RSS reader so's i can read my regular blog reads at work and at home i noticed t'other day that Google has a pretty decent reader y'all may want to check out.  it lets you label, tag, organize and share your feeds.  you can even get a code snippet to put your public feeds right on your website, which i thought was kind of nifty.  i'm gonna give it a try for a while.  i started using the Sage plugin for Firefox a while back which is easy to use, but the only downside is that there's no recognition betweeen what i've read at home and what i've read at work.  people have been recommending Bloglines and Blogrolling, but i'm a sucker for Google products because of their lack of obnoxious colours and flamboyant advertising.

at some point this weekend i managed to burn large parts of my tongue on something hot.  i don't actually remember doing it (maybe it was at the barbeque?) but now nothing tastes right.  my second attempt at drinking coffee this morning leads to the same "tastes like dirt" conclusion that i came to earlier today.

and no, i don't eat dirt.  how do i know what it tastes like then?  ummmm....

so how about that local sports team!

this morning i was stopped at a stop light while driving my car and the guy next to me was listening to Billy Ocean.

really REALLY loud.

some people have problems.


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