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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

two years may in fact be the threshold

it's been almost exactly two years now since the big switch to gmail from hotmail.  i originally switched over because i got really tired of trying to log into my email and getting the message "This server is too busy."  i stayed on gmail for several reasons - the fact that at the time the storage space was 1 GB vs. 2 MB, the way it organizes conversations, the clean and simple interface and most of all - no junk mail.  it's been a rather lovely experience checking my email on a regular basis to find that there's been very little in the way of "enlarging my penis" or "82% off viagra" being sent as incredible offers to my inbox.

it seems though that after 2 solid years it has finally come around.  now i don't get a lot - maybe 3 or 4 messages a day, and all of them go straight to the Spam section, but there they are at last.  all of the offers for free software, reduced viagra and opportunities to have a lucrative business deal with someone who just can't seem to get their $20 million USD into a valid bank account unless i give them my information.  but considering that my old hotmail account gets about 100-150 messages a day, i don't think i'm ready to switch back.  not to mention that the new "Live" interface leaves much to be desired.  microsoft just can't seem to do enough to encourage me that their "Live" experience or their Windows Vista OS is going to cut it for me.  heck, the only reason i keep on with windows at all is because Mac OSX isn't compatible with the Intel hardware in my 4 year old PC.

are you in the mood for a good horror movie?  go out and rent (or buy) Silent Hill.  especially if you were a fan of the game at any point in your life.  the movie turned out just as freaky, creepy and brutal in its violence and imagry as the video game series.  the acting from some of the main characters could be easily classified as mediocre, but then again when was the last time you expected an Oscar winning (or any award nominations for that matter) performance from a horror movie?  in short - it's a fun movie to watch with the lights out.  sufficiently creepy and an ending that's not 100% hollywood (maybe about 80%, but that's not bad).


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