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Thursday, September 21, 2006

pay per post

so i signed up for the PayPerPost idea. they have a slightly more interesting way of trying to advertise on blogs than ad$sen$e or crappy banner ads. essentially - from the perspective of a blogger you can pick and choose which opportunities you take which is certainly something that i dig. you advertise the products/services/websites that you agree to and conform to the rules set in the opportunity description. in some cases they ask you to write positive things, some are for negative ideas, some are just looking for a link-back. the cool thing is that you choose what you feel like writing aboot.

i figure i'll give it a try at some point. after you create a post for one of the opportunities you have to keep it in circulation for at least 30 days (like i ever delete anything here anyways), then you get paid. so i figure i'll try to hunt down PayPerPost subjects that i would have written about anyways and see if the whole "getting paid" idea manages to work itself into my pocket.


  • At Thu Sep 21, 06:44:00 PM, Anonymous helen said…

    Thanks for the warning. I look forward to your casually dropped comments about hair growth products and whatnot. Actually, you could have a bit of a laugh with that. Hope you make loadsa dollars.

  • At Fri Sep 22, 12:49:00 PM, Blogger mmat said…

    what i'm hoping i can do out of this is actually find things that i can post that will go entirely unnoticed as an advertisement. as much as i'd love to get some cash for a "get a free iPod" type link, i'm going to limit it to things that i'd be willing to write aboot. i'll make less money that way, but hopefully it will prevent this site from becoming high on the list of skipped-past blogs.


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