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Sunday, June 17, 2007

stupid sunny weather on stupid sunday

it's a beautiful day outside for a bike ride. i'm stuck at the office working today though. at least it's one of those lazy days at job number 2 where i don't actually have to do much of anything. maybe it'll give me a chance to finish off my book.

i've been mucking around with various ideas for my new untastic website, but stumbled across a minor issue with my computer at home - FTP doesn't seem to work. i know, that sounds like your generic end-user type complaint and I should know better than that, but how is it that not a single FTP client works on my computer. i've set up exceptions in the windows firewall settings - not to mention the fact that the firewall is actually OFF. the only way I can upload files via FTP is through the windows command-line FTP client, and that is hit and miss at best. i've been debating making the switch from Windows to Ubuntu as a permanent desktop replacement, but have been having trouble coming up with a suitable iTunes replacement. i've been told that Amarok is a good alternative but i'm not 100% sure if it would work on the Gnome interface (default for Ubuntu) or if i'd have to use the KDE interface which is totally lame.

sorry, that got a little bit dorky there didn't it.

the temptation to buy a Mac Book Pro is overwhelming. the idea of having a computer that just plain works AND looks cool too is very tempting. the $3000 price tag, however, is not.

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