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Sunday, June 03, 2007

sticky, sweaty day

because i was scheduled to work today, i missed out on the Ride for Heart, so instead of riding for heart, i rode my bike to work.

thanks to my handy-dandy speedometer thingy, i realized when i got to work that the temperature was a balmy 29 degrees celcius, and most of the ride felt like i was riding throught a warm, wet paper towel. all in all though, i still very much prefer riding my arse-kicking Trek 7.3 FX bike to work than driving any day of the week. fitness-wise, i'm probably about two or three weeks behind riding the 75 kms that i wanted to do in the Ride for Heart anyways.

i've realized that for job number two, i should probably take some french lessons. after a few calls come into the office, it makes me realize that 10 years of not speaking french has easily undone the 15 years of french classes that i've taken in my life. even the simplest of words seem to slip from my mind when i'm stumbling through a conversation in french - who knew that "manually" becomes "manuellement"?

well, i suppose i could have guessed, but then i figured i'd sound like an idiot making up french words. what ended up happening was me sounding like an idiot by NOT making up french words.

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  • At Tue Jun 05, 10:39:00 AM, Blogger Martini said…

    You should put on a red and white striped shirt, stuff a bagette into a basket on your bike, grow a big moustache, and laugh "Hon hon hon" on your ride to work.

    Sorry you missed out on the ride. There's always next year, and I'm actually going to start looking for more and more of these type of rides to do - while I can.


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