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Saturday, April 28, 2007

when technology becomes confusion

at job number two, sometimes it startles me just how little the people i work with know when it comes to the world of technology. now i don't expect anyone to know the inner workings of Windows Vista or be able to forecast the year's project management expenses in MS Project, but when you say to someone "hey, you should check out Neatorama.com" - the question that comes from them seems quite odd when it asks "is that with http://www. in front of it?"

the question is perhaps even a little more odd considering the fact that the people in the office of job number two spend eight hours a day sitting in front of a computer.

and another interesting trait is when you mention the name of a website to visit, and rather than go right into the browser and type it in, they write it down on a piece of paper first.

another discussion resulted in the same person saying "why would i want to burn a DVD - i wouldn't be able to use it then would i?"




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