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Saturday, May 05, 2007

damn it feels good to be a gangsta

sometimes this is what i do at job number two. sit there with my feet up on the desk for ten or fifteen minutes at a time. in general, the job is pretty much ridiculously easy and i get paid to ... answer the phone and do nothing. the only sucky thing is that when the phone's not ringing, i'm stuck to my desk at this one counting the checkers on my shoes.

and in general the most exciting conversation that comes up in job number two - besides complaining about the goofballs that call us - is the "when are you working next" conversations. as insanely dull as these questions tend to be on a regular basis, it's a good thing they come up. without their obsessive schedule-checking routines there are quite a few occasions when i wouldn't show up for work. it was only after one of these intense topics of debate last night that i realized that i'm not on the schedule for today, but sunday instead. who knew?

they did apparently.
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