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Monday, June 11, 2007

a new week, a new website

so, i've been busy for a while. saturday was spent in the sunny Kitchener/Waterloo area at the Stitch n' Kitsch show where admired, helped and shopped with dozens of talented artists and crafty people. i'll make sure to post a link in advance of the next show they put on so that everybody who's anybody can make sure to drop by.

sunday afternoon i got a sunburn on my neck at Woofstock (thereby officially making myself a redneck. har har). for anyone who may be a fan of dogs, this would definitely be your place to be. there was just about every breed from the tiniest chihuahuas in pink tutus all the way up to these massive albino great danes. i think one of the ridiculously cute moments was seeing about a dozen yorkie owners walking together and several dozen children saying "awww, they're SO CUUUUTE."

i've also started a new website. currently it's serving very little functional purpose other than to host a bunch of files for me, but it may become the new home of my very small and semi-functional web design business. it actually could even become the new host for this particular blog, i haven't quite decided yet - untastic.com. now serving all of your untastic needs. it's still in the very new and experimental stages, but it will soon become... well, somethign anyways.



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