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Thursday, June 19, 2008

someone needs to change the oil in my car

how is it that with only one job i can still manage to be busy all the time?

the cool thing is that my new job is ridiculously close to home, the crappy thing is that i'm expected to stay until 5. every day. how bad does that suck. after eight years of making my own rules and hours, i work for a company that has strict policies about hours and shit. they even say that we're not supposed to use the internet or messenger at work (although i did just install GoogleTalk - fuck'em).

another crappy thing about starting a new job is that i can't take any vacation time until i finish my "probationary period". how lame is that? i mean seriously, if you're going to go to the extent of paying someone to do what i do, i think you should trust them with vacation time. pricks. i technically don't even get sick days until i've been there for at least 90 days. ah well, guess that's a standard for changing jobs.

i think i'll have a butter tart.


Friday, June 06, 2008

hey, the Ride for Heart was like a week ago eh?

so yeah, ride for heart.  sorry, i've been pretty busy and since the new job is pretty restricted as far as internet access goes i haven't had time to post aboot this.
to start things off, i am seriously out of shape.  the furthest ride i've done so far this year is about 20 km, so needless to say this was gonna be something.
sunday june 1st was the ride for heart, and as everyone knows, i signed up for the 75 km (about 46 miles) ride.  i started near the front of the pack, which i'm sure was irritating to the hardcore bike dorks, at 6:45am.  it was a windy 13 degrees (55 degrees for americans).
as i headed out, i thought to myself "hey, i'm keeping up a decent pace - i'm about 10 km/h ahead of my regular speed".
that was for the first 5 km.
as the back headed off the gardiner expressway on the way up the don valley parkway, the wind got started up again, and we all proceeded to ride the uphill route from the lakeshore to york mills into the wind.
coming back down the DVP was nice, as i managed to register a new high speed of 55.6 km/h on my bike computer thingy.  of course, it was a steep downhill and i was pedaling as hard as i could, but hey, still neat-o in my opinion.  the slowest speed i registered?  8.8 km/h coming back up the bayview/bloor on-ramp.
after i passed the 65 km point my arse was seriously hurting and my legs were seriously tired.  then the winds started back up.  from the moment i got back on the gardiner expressway all the way to the finish line the winds were nasty, making the last 10 or so km very tiring.
when i crossed the finish line, i checked out my bike computer thingy for some stats:
total distance:  81 km
max speed:  55.6 km/h
avg speed:  19.8 km/h
total time:  4:05:36
calories burned: 2599
last time i checked, 81 was quite a bit more than 75.  at least by my terms.  and really, i should have just done the 50.  but i did finish and was happy that i managed to keep my average speed near 20 km/h.  i'm pretty sure that the big downhill helped with that though.
walking around the exhibition grounds, i could feel my muscles start to tighten and get sore.  i must have smelled great.
i did a quick once-around the grounds on the search for Martini, but gave up when i realized that i was hunting through thousands of people and my legs hurt from being out of practise.  next year dude, we'll co-ordinate better and have a beer afterwards.

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