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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

bamboo wednesday! part 18! and trouble a-brewing!

i promise that one day i will return to posting things other than just pictures of my bamboo plant.

t'other day i came across this sign at an A & W:

now, i KNOW that it's just because that's the exit side of the drive through, but it seems kind of funny to me that how this particular place is laid out that if you intend to park your car in the parking lot, you'll pass this sign on your way into the restaurant.

and that's kind of a shame, because i loves me a tall frosty glass of root beer. mmmmm....

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

bamboo wednesday! part 17! and work blows!

it looks especially green today. i'm not sure why. maybe it's just that i'm tired and have a weird green film on my eyes or something.

but that would be pretty gross if i did.


Monday, January 21, 2008

reckoning day

there are some occasions where listening to Megadeth's Youthanasia album can be one of the best things you can do at work.

it's got a good tempo to the whole thing - it only has one kinda wimpy song, but even it's pretty cool. it's not a speed metal manifesto that some of their previous albums managed to be but seems to have been more focused on songwriting. they managed to do a good job of it too if you're into that kind of music. tracks like "the Killing Road" and "Victory" are great for helping the work day go buy more gooder.


if i could have my way

if i could have my way, my boss would skip work every day. things are so much more pleasant when he's not here.

part of this frame of thought comes from the fact that a) he is the CEO of the company and b) he sits less than 3 meters (10 feet or so) away from me.

but a wonderful thing i just discovered is that he is NOT in the office this week. if i worked for anyone else, i would probably not take advantage of it as i will. this week though, i shall come in later than usual and leave earlier than usual because i hate commuting and my boss and there's nothing he can do about it.

wait, maybe i shouldn't be telling the whole world about this while i'm in the middle of a job search.

wait, maybe i shouldn't be telling the world i'm in the middle of a job search. hey boss, if you're reading this - i'm NOT actually looking for work.

and if you're not reading this boss, then i am - and anyone who may be hiring SQL database people in the mississauga area should contact me eh?


Thursday, January 17, 2008

it just occurred to me

that i've been tracking the bamboo growth for 16 weeks - 4 months now.

so i created this slide show so that i can see the progress...

the other day i was watching the Back to the Future movies... well, the first two anyways cuz i didn't have time to watch the third ... and i noticed a critical flaw in the time travel theories part way through the second film. there's a point when Doc Brown is explaining to Marty that somehow this alternate reality had occurred because Biff from the future had changed the past.

now, if the past had changed to such an extent that it did in the movie, wouldn't they have some recollection because they technically would have been involved in that past even though they were in the future when it happened? my theory on time travel is that although you may be able to go into the past, you wouldn't necessarily be able to change things because they've already happened. Robert Zemeckis seems to take the Ray Bradbury theory on time travel, believing that by going into the past, you can somehow change the future. personally, my take on time travel is demonstrated perfectly in 12 Monkeys: the past has already happened, and nothing you try to do can change it. if i were to get into a time machine right now and go back 30 years in the past, i could not change the outcome because 30 years ago - 1978 - has already happened. it's no longer active.

but all in all, Back to the Future and 12 Monkeys are awesome movies.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

bamboo wednesday! part 16! and boy, is it hot in here!

isn't it kind of late for bamboo photos?

still alive and going strong. as strong as bamboo can go anyways.
i'm getting tired of being busy at work all the time. it's really cutting into the slacking i'd much rather be doing.
oh, and if you haven't already played it, go buy yourself a copy of God of War. it is quite possibly one of the goodest video games i have ever played. it has all the prerequisites...
  • blood - check
  • ridiculous amounts of violence - check
  • ability to kill innocent people - check
  • ability to impale one of your enemies, then use that enemy as a weapon - check

yeah, when you've had a stressful day at work, just put your feet up and plug this one in. more gooder, all the time.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

bamboo wednesday! part 15! and no new shoes required!

it's getting a little difficult to track week-to-week growth now because of it's size, but comparing against the first bamboo wednesday! post, you can definitely see how much this thing has grown

thank goodness for unmarked boxes of stuff. i managed to find the pair of vans that i bought last year that have been hiding somewhere in a box since before i moved last month. since they haven't been worn in a couple of months, they have managed to retain much of their comfort level.

which is good, because i hate the mall.

and just when i thought the tales would be over, we have a new page in the tales that were long thought to be lost about my douchebag (former) landlord. i got a phone call from her yesterday asking me if i still had the apartment keys.

what the hell? didn't i already tell her where the keys were MORE THAN A MONTH AGO?!?!?!?

and among the stupid natured comments were "oh, i thought you meant that you had them in YOUR mailbox" to which i replied "why would i put the keys in my mailbox if you don't know where i live?"

how retarded can one person get? first of all, i moved like 2 months ago, told her exactly via voicemail where the damned keys were and here we are in mid january and she's asking me stupid questions. i love it. what a retard.

actually, i shouldn't be insulting like that. calling her a retard would be giving retarded people a bad name.

retarded, maybe that's not the PC term - so does that make it alright that i call her a retard?

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Friday, January 04, 2008

you know what they say aboot big feet eh?

after an all-too-brief seven months, i've officially decided it's time to start up the great shoe hunt once more.

as we can see here, most of the word "nike" has rubbed off making it more closely resemble some russian obscenity. that and they're becoming incredibly uncomfortable.

so begins the search and the impatience i get when i hear the shoe sales staff say things like "we usually only order 1 pair of 13's and it looks like we're out of stock," or worse yet, when i try on the 1 pair of 13's and they're too small. shoe stores need to get with the program and start ordering larger shoes. i can't be the only person in the world who has big feet, there's tons of people out there over 6' tall.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

a post that's not about bamboo

being busy at job number one sucks. not only do i have to do actual WORK, but i have to drive more than an hour to get somewhere that makes me work.

see in the photo above, there are two screen and only two cups of coffee, putting my coffee to monitor ratio at 1:1. anyone who works in an office knows that this ratio is entirely unacceptable. how anyone, particularly myself, can survive in these types of slavery conditions is beyond my comprehension.

oh, did i mention that i got a psp for christmas? well, i did. and i've been playing Silent Hill Origins for the last several days. man, if you want a creepy game, there you go. it stays quite faithful to the creepiness of the series, but also brings back a lot of familiar things if you've seen and enjoyed the movie (which i did). if you were thinking of getting a psp, get one. they are ultra awesome. and if you've already got one, get Silent Hill Origins for it and play it with your headphones on and the lights off. awesome x2.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

bamboo wednesday! part 14! a week late!

looks like even without water over the holidays, the ol' bamboo still managed to grow...

work at job number one is pretty busy right now. everyone seems to want their reports marked as high priority and the idea of negotiating a deadline seems borderline ridiculous as the clients seem to be handing them out instead. fuckers.