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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i pity da foo

why not?


ATHF colon movie film for theatres!!!

finally it has arrived... the trailer for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie can be found here. don't spoil it for me though, because i haven't watched it yet. neither of my employers allow for the downloading of large video files like that which leaves only the short amount of time between 11pm when i get home and 5am when i wake up as time for me to watch it. maybe saturday eh? but all should watch and behold its mighty power.

that being said, i'm very anxious to watch Idiocracy. due to a poor advertising campaign and lack of theatre distribution, i did not get to see this in theatres and have been reluctantly holding out for the dvd. it looks like it's going to be hilarious, and if Mike Judge's past brilliance tells anything i won't be disappointed.

a movie that i won't watch - Ghost Rider. i could never really get into the comic, and Nicolas Cage has done nothing but disappoint in everything he's done after Raising Arizona. i thought at first that i'd give it a chance, but after having seen some of the commercials last night (in particular the one with the fat dumbass goth girl describing him) i've decided that it will go the way of the Captain America movie and the first Punisher film featuring the one and only Dolph Lundgren. now that i think of it, if i can't even summon up the guts to sit through Spider-Man all the way through - there's not a chance of me watching nick cage trying to act his way out of a wet paper bag and failing miserably. he should have called it quits after Raising Arizona. he should have said to himself "this is the best film i'll ever have the chance to do - may as well call it quits while i'm on top." but he didn't.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

i *cough* can't get to work today

somehow i ended up at the zoo today, even though it was -18 degrees.

all photos taken with my Motorola v3 RAZR (and yes, the new one's battery sucks as well...)


Monday, January 22, 2007

at what point should you scream obscenities at someone

is it just me, or does anyone else find it entirely repulsive to hear someone clipping their finger nails at work? i think it makes me a little bit crazy. well, maybe a lot crazy. it makes me crank up the volume of my music so that i don't have to hear it. this is something that should be done in the privacy of your home bathroom. there are people at both of my jobs that do this. i think at some point i will have to humiliate them.

on a more positive note, i watched and very much enjoyed Pan's Labyrinth last night. i suppose with all of the hype, i totally forgot to notice before i got there that the movie is Spanish with English subtitles. i think that the lack of hollywood involvement is what kept the movie good, and what kept it from sucking. i wasn't sure if i should expect a children's movie, or some dorky science fantasy crap, but it was neither really and a little bit of both - though i'd say a little bit harsh for the younger childrens. wonderfully written and acted, and well integrated special effects. certainly worth seeing in the theatre.

my replacement cell phone has finally been sent and i get to pick it up tomorrow. it's been roughly 5 extra days longer than fido said it would be, which is not a surprise at all. the actual surprise for me was when i got the original RAZR phone within 5 days of my order date. more to come later as to whether i should have replaced it with a different phone all together

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

they have doctors here eh?

i have a doctor's appointment on friday. this will mark the first time in almost a decade that i've been to see a doctor on my own behalf and the first time in more than a decade when that visit to the doctor will be for a routine checkup not involving broken bones.

there are no broken bones or known illnesses to mark this doctorial visit. i think there may be a little tiny bit of common sense and "old-enough-to-know-better"-ness coming through. my family has a history of cholesterol, blood pressure and heart-related illnesses and i figured maybe i should perhaps try to tackle any of these issues before i end up in an operating room, rather than afterwards. prevention is the best medicine is it not? i figure if i start keeping up on the b/p and cholesterol at a semi-early age, then i could throw another 10+ years onto if and when it will become a serious issue in my life.

see, i'm pretty sure that when i go into the office and the doctor conducts the tests and checks my weight that i will be told "well mmat, you could stand to lose a couple of pounds and eat healthier," but being told this by a person with multiple post-secondary degrees may actually be enough convincing to do what i already know i need to do.

but if i already know i need to do these things, doesn't that mean i should just do them and not waste the doctor's time?

well, wasting time is what being canadian is all aboot eh. plus, maybe i'll ask why my knee hurts most of the time. i'm guessing it boils down to a soccer injury from 7th grade that i never really took care of properly.


Friday, January 12, 2007

because it's SO important to know

here's some of the things that i have on my desk:

five cents in Canadian Tire Money...

and my unique pen situation. see i have a belief that pens migrate, depending on the season of course. as it stands now there are three blue pen caps, one blue pen and one black pen on my desk - all of the Papermate variety. if history is any indication, this current pen situation will last another three to four days. in this time i will likely inherit one more pen cap, lose the existinng blue pen and have a new pen (from a different manufacturer) take the previous blue pen's place. maybe blue pens fight for mating rights with the black pens (to spawn red pens of course).


Monday, January 08, 2007

more geek phone shit

so i've decided that i'd call Fido to have my v3 RAZR replaced. after roughly 10 days of terrible battery life, i figured i'd raise my voice rather than live with a crappy product.

how terrible is the battery life? well, over 10 days i've logged roughly 4 hrs of call time. my Nokia 6030 would have had to be charged once, and that phone was free. this phone has been charged 4 times now. certainly not the 7 hrs of talk time and 12 days of standby promised by Motorola and Fido.

i figure if the next one i get is a dud too, i'll probably pay out the $200 to cancel my contract and tell them to stick it up their hole. this will not be the first time that i've had problems with them.


Friday, January 05, 2007

a pocket-friendly week

it's been a week since i got my Motorola v3 RAZR phone from fido and i have things to say aboot it.

what i like:
the call clarity is definitely outstanding. seriously, a phone call generally sounds about as clear as it possibly could. there are times when i speak with other people who use quality land-lines when the call quality is so good that it sounds as if the person on the other end of the line could be in the room with me.

it has tons of great features - a VGA camera (meaning it can take pics at a resolution up to 640x480) that takes excellent quality pictures, a wide variety of built-in ring tones - 40+ i would think though i haven't counted them, Bluetooth wireless connectivity for devices and file transfer, Email and Calendar capabilities and more.

it's got a huge, bright display that can easily be read in the sun and a nifty colour screen on the outside of the phone that is multi-functional. the phone is incredibly thin which makes it quite pocket-friendly, but it's also wide enough to allow for a decently sized keypad that doesn't leave your thumbs cramped after tapping away at a detailed text message or playing a few rounds of golf.

did i say playing golf? indeed i did. mine came with 5 preloaded games, but other games are very easy to track down and load onto your phone due to its popularity and relatively easy (and plentiful) connectivity options - Bluetooth, USB, wireless internet.

what i do not like:
the keypad and screens are made of very shiny and reflective materials (aluminum and glass respectively). this results in screens and keypads that are VERY easily smudged up with finger and thumb prints.

it does have a vibrate function, which is handy at work, but this vibrate function seems rather week and borderline useless if you leave your phone on your desk (even right beside you) or you are wearing baggy clothes. since i have a habit of leaving my phone on my desk AND wearing baggy clothes the vibrate function is definitely sub-standard for me.

my final and perhaps most important complaint is the battery life. in the seven days that i've owned this phone, i've now charged it three times. the first was the "just bought the phone and need to charge before using" charge - understandable. the second charge came monday night before bed. i attributed this requirement to very heavy use of the camera and games. charge number three came last night. i had reset the call timers after charge #2 to see how efficient it could be and noticed that from tuesday morning through to this morning i had only used the phone for approximately 2.25 hrs. this is well below the advertised 7hrs of talk time and/or 12 days of standby time. i would think that if Motorola's battery life advertisements were true that i should be able to get at least three more days of regular usage before a charge is required. there was some minor picture-taking and game playing, but that's mostly after i noticed the low battery signal last night and figured i'd just kill the battery so it could charge overnight.

another experiment will begin today. since i unfortunately can't just set the phone down and let the battery drain for (a highly unlikely) 12 days, i've reset the call timers again and will restrict my use to general phone usage until the battery needs to be charged again. depending on the results of the next two charge-cycles, i may be making a "give me free stuff for lying" customer service call to my provider.

with potential battery issues aside, i'm very very impressed with this phone. it's sturdy aluminum construction, bright readable screen and call clarity more than make up for it's slightly negative attributes. and the really great thing about it is that most wireless providers will be marketing the v3 RAZR at a very low price with a contract due to high volume sales and newer improved models (including the v3i, v3t and KRZR) so this will give you a phone that once retailed for between $200-$400 at a budget-phone cost. i'd have to say that it's probably about 80% awesome and 20% mediocre.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

is it the beginning or end of an era?

this morning on my way to work (and yes, i am at work at six in the morning - i'm pretty retarded eh?) i heard a song i had not heard for many years. the classic rock station in my area, who dubs themselves "the Mighty Q", decided to play Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar On Me.

now first of all, my disclaimer: i am not, nor have i ever been a fan of def leppard. well, okay, maybe for a while when i was about 7 - but that was it. honest.

but my point is that the music from my childhood years and into my early teens is starting to make its way onto the Classic Rock stations. what's going to be next eh? Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, Faith No More? i'm afraid that one of these days i'm going to tune into the Mighty Q and it's going to be playing all of the music that i'm listening to rather than just rotating between Rush and the Tragically Hip.


Monday, January 01, 2007

one fine day in the park

today i went for a walk along the river. we didn't see anyone in a van down by the river, but i did see some pretty badass graffiti...

and a port-o-potty that had been tipped over...

these photos were taken wit' my new v3 RAZR phone. not bad eh?