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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

bamboo wednesday!

it seems to be a growing trend (no pun intended) that stalks of bamboo seem to be making their way onto more and more canadian office desks. there are at least 8 or 9 people in my office out of about 40 that have bamboo sitting on their desks.


i'm actually quite shocked by the inability of these people to grow their bamboo plants. bamboo practically takes care of it self, all you have to do is put water in it every day. you can't seem to over-water them, but people in my office seem to be killing them on a regular basis. it's a pretty frequent sight to see a shriveled up bamboo stalk with a single leaf coming out of it.

so here's mine. i'm going to be posting a picture of it every wednesday to track its progress.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

when you work two jobs, your time is not your own

yesterday my douchebag landlord finally returned my call to fix the dryer.

oh, did i mention that i also called her on monday, then again on thursday this week before i got the call back from her? oh, i s'pose not. i even stated on my last voicemail to her that if she wasn't going to call me back that i'd call someone else. i think she remembers the last time i made that threat because her call came later that afternoon. it wouldn't be the first time i've had to call her boss and ask if there was a different landlord i could deal with. three weeks and three phone calls to get one problem addressed. thankfully i'll be moving out of this building in november to a bigger and better place.

in somewhat less annoying news... apparently god has responded to the guy that is trying to sue him somewhere in the states - Yahoo news for that one eh.

also this weekend i'll be in the Kitchener and Waterloo area attending the Stitch n' Kitsch show. it's a great collection of artsy and crafty people who make and sell some really cool things. the last time i went i scored some kick ass hand made coffee mugs and a hand made notebook.

oh yeah, i mentioned before that i was getting rid of windows on my home computer, using Ubuntu Linux instead. my target is to find the easiest method for the average home user to be able to do this and still undertake certain tasks so i'm chronicling my dorky adventure here. essentially the reason for doing this is that 1) i don't feel like paying for the next version of windows and 2) even if i did want to pay for it, my computer's too old to run it. have a look at the the dork-osity if you dare.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

my weakness is available

it looks as though my weakness is available for the low low cost of $54.99

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

when i wrote the following pages, or rather the bulk of them...

the last week or so has proven, without doubt, that i have made the right choice in deciding to move from my current residence to somewhere that does not have a douchebag as a landlord.

on thursday of last week, my landlord finally returned my phone call about getting the pipes under the kitchen sink fixed. my count is 18 calendar days to get that one addressed. is it fixed yet? no, of course not. rather than take some sort of proactive step and make some sort of effort, my douchebag landlord just gave me the name and number of the plumber the management company hires and told me i could call him to make my own arrangements.

not even 24 hours later, and on my 30th birthday no less, i discovered that my dryer ceased to function. the load of clothes left in the dryer had been sitting in there for hours, staying wet. as i didn't really feel like taking care of any of this on my birthday long weekend, i called cuntzilla first thing tuesday morning. there wouldn't have been any point in calling her on the weekend anyways. the last time she even answered the phone was more than a year ago.

so rather than do laundry this weekend, i spent a large amount of time playing Guitar Hero 2. all i have to say is if you have a console that has a version of that game, buy it. i don't think i've had more fun playing a video game ever. it's a brilliant concept - it's packed full of fun music and is designed to be incredibly interactive. certainly a must-buy for anyone who may enjoy playing video games.

oh yeah, i turned 30 last week. now i'm old fashioned.

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