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Thursday, February 28, 2008

bamboo wednesday! part 22! not very good at the wednesday thing!

so i took the photo yesterday, but somehow forgot to post it eh?

i bought new headphones today. originally i was gonna buy skullcandy headphones, but the guy at the futureshop convinced me that buying the sony ear-goggles would be better for the music i listen to. he also saved me $15, which is good. now i can spend that $15 dollars on things like ice cream and cereal.

or maybe cereal mixed with ice cream - like maybe some Count Chocula stirred into butterscotch ripple. mmmmm...

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

he can't talk because he's a pony

last night i went on a thrift shop adventure with Cindy from Studioloo when we came across a peculiar situation:

a half dozen fallen paper-maché ponies lying on the ground, twitching and cold. one pony stood out amongst the others. obviously it's strength was greater than his fallen brothers, so i would estimate that he was the pony commander.

paper-maché ponies are known to be fiercely territorial, especially when it comes to their fallen brethren. i cowered in the distance, camera phone in hand and watched as Cindy cautiously approached and tamed the ravenous beast. her courageous actions almost certainly saved the rest of us frightened thrift shoppers from a frightening and bloody massacre at the hand of the paper-maché pony.

you can never trust ponies.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

i'm not on holiday now, but i should be

i should always have holidays. and fresh baked cookies.

well i have the cookies, but the holiday is over. the first batch of pictures can be found here. there's not a whole lot there yet, just the digital stuff i decided i liked - let me know what you think eh? i have two rolls of black and white film that i'm going to develop myself. yeah, i know. real actual film. in high school i did a project where i developed black and white film on my own, but that was many moons ago and i need to remember how to do it. i also need to buy the chemicals and stuff. a friend of mine at job #1 has offered to lend a hand where needed - he does that kind of stuff semi-professionally.

i discovered that i've got a half dozen or so rolls of colour film that have been used but not developed yet. unfortunately, i don't think i can develop colour film at home on my own. i've been told that it's very temperature sensitive and the chemicals are a real bastard to get right, so i'll have to bite the bullet and take them out to get processed.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

bamboo wednesday! part 21! and a Pontiac Grand Prix review!

although i do have a picture from what should have been last week's bamboo wednesday post, i uploaded it to my laptop rather than my work PC, which is where it's waiting right now.

i've been on holidays for the better part of the last week. thanks to Dalton McGuinty, many ontario residents got to have a holiday on monday, so i extended that holiday all the way to wednesday the week before. why not eh?

i rented a car to go on a road trip this past weekend, and inspired by Martini's review of his Acura CSX loaner, here's my review of the Pontiac Grand Prix that i rented.

to start off, the car was much larger than anything i've driven in recent years. and although a larger car does not necessarily make a more comfortable car, it certainly seemed to help in the case of the Grand Prix.

it took me a few minutes to figure out how to adjust the seat settings. the driver's seat is all automatic and mechanical, a luxury that i am most definitely not used to. other interesting luxury features were the inclusion of steering wheel mounted audio controls, cruise control, headlights that would automatically turn on based on how light or dark it is outside and a stereo whose volume automatically adjusts based on how fast the car is driving.

and fast i drove. the 200 hp 3.8 liter v6 engine made for some quick and responsive acceleration. hopping from 110 km/h to 150 km/h to pass old ladies on the highway was no problem at all.

although the volume and sound quality from the 6 speaker CD stereo were quite admirable, i was disappointed by the fact that an MP3 CD player or auxiliary audio jack (for my iPod) were not included).

fuel consumption was mediocre at best though. although i didn't track the exact amount of mileage, i would estimate that i drove in the area of about 750 km and spent $67 in gas at $1.05 per liter, a guestimate of about 11-12 liters per 100 km. with a Toyota Yaris as my regular car, i think i'm a little spoiled since even on the worst of days it barely breaks past 7.5 liters per 100 km (with the air conditioner running). from what i've been told, my gas consumption compared to other similarly sized cars is on par.

my main complaint other than the stereo was that actually entering the car seemed a little cramped. once you were sitting in the car, there was ample space, but it seemed that actually getting into the car could present an issue to someone with back or knee problems. all in all, it was a fun car to drive, give one a try.

more details to follow on what actually happened on my holiday later.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

the rhino was hungry

here's another one from the found roll


old film

i found and developed some old rolls of film...


Thursday, February 07, 2008

bamboo wednesday! part 19! and damned canadian weather!

okay, so technically it isn't wednesday. the weather was terrible yesterday so i opted to stay at home instead...

and if you read Studioloo Magazine, you'd know that this technically isn't bamboo either, but a reasonable facsimile. oh well, i'm going to keep calling it bamboo because i feel like it.

also, what's with all the retarded traffic on the day AFTER a snow storm? i mean seriously, it should not have taken me nearly two hours to get to work this morning. it snowed YESTERDAY. today is sunny. crapheads.

and also, the new Iron Man movie is coming this spring (some time in may i think). Marvel has released some new trailers that look awesome-tastic.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


in the last three days i've managed to burninate myself more times than a person should inside of a three day span.

first i burnt the roof of my mouth very badly on pizza. lesson learned: wait more than 30 seconds to eat pizza after taking it out of the oven. something sitting in an oven at 450 degrees for 22 minutes is likely to be hot.

next i managed to burn my middle finger. when you notice that stuff is clogging the drain in your dishwasher and it's only just finished it's heated drying cycle, it's best to wait until after it's all cooled down before you start clearing out the drain. that one made a neat sizzling noise.


Friday, February 01, 2008

twice in one day

how is it fair that i had to shovel the snow in my driveway twice today? well, i suppose it's better to have to shovel snow twice than to actually drive into the office. i didn't even bother trying to get to work today, i just decided first thing to stay and "work from home".

my boss HATES when people work from home.

and the great thing is that at least 4 other people decided to do the same thing. one can only hope that their productivity was as amazing as mine.

i was so productive, i shoveled twice!

oh yeah, i already said that.

i also sent a bunch of emails, and watched some Spongebob Squarepants.

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