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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

bamboo wednesday! part 10! and the end of a condo!

This week's bamboo picture brought to you by the colour purple.

it's still growing, albeit much less noticeably.

i got a phone call from my douchebag landlord last night. a couple of phone calls actually. she seems to be quite persistent when she wants to get a hold of me. i still need to hand over the keys to the condo, but since i'm an asshole i'm going to wait to call her back and i'm not going to give her the keys until friday. why should i wait? oh yeah, i just mentioned, i'm an asshole. she mentioned wanting to do an inspection of the place too, but i can't see how that would be logical because obviously nobody did an inspection for the last two places i moved into that were managed by cuntzilla.

the new place is coming out nice. i'm nowhere near completely unpacked. heck, i'd say that i'm max 30% unpacked (most of my clothes are still in bags), but it's still better than the old place.

work is retardedly busy right now. i have massive deadlines this week and my boss is doing everything he can to be a jackass about it. as soon as i get my annual bonus, i'm out of here. anyone in the mississauga area looking for a database analyst or report writer (righter) give me a call eh?

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

your windows, they cannot have handles

technically i don't write code. i type it.

apparently there's a problem with putting handles on windows. just in case you wanted to know.


bamboo wednesday! part 9!

still growing, although it's starting to be at a rate that i'm not noticing the growth as much as i did. or maybe it's just because proportionally speaking, the growth doesn't appear to be as much but it's still growing at the same rate?

still just putting bottled water in it.

i've officially determined that i need a holiday, but must cope with the fact that i am out of vacation days at work since my arse-wipe boss only allows 2 weeks of vacation every year. it's one thing i miss about my old job. i had like 5 or 6 weeks of vacation with my last employer, and the option to work from home up to twice a week. if i even hint that i need to work at home for some reason at this place my boss gets constipated. in a world where gas prices are over $1.05 CDN per liter (roughly $4 a gallon for anyone american who may be reading) i find that his anti-work from home policy is really environmentally irresponsible.

this week, after deciding that i was both tired of working and tired of cleaning out the condo, i bought myself a video game. i know i shouldn't have because christmas is right around the corner, but i figured i picked one that nobody would be likely to think of getting for me. i grabbed a copy of Sonic Rush for the DS for the low low price of $15. i'd probably have to agree with the reviewers when they say "possibly the finest Sonic game yet." the game has that classic Sonic the Hedgehog feel to it, but stellar graphics and plenty of semi-hidden areas of the massive levels that you can't access when you're burning through them at top speed (which i will define as frantically fast for alliteration purposes). if you have a DS, you should grab a copy of it. on top of the regular Sonic fun, it also has multi-card and single card download multiplayer. i haven't tried out the multiplayer yet, but it's gotta be good.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007


all i could think of when i saw this picture was, "sorry. my bad."

from Yahoo news.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

something not right this morning, eh?

this morning the dogs somehow managed to allow me to sleep until 8:15 am. this is a very strange thing. usually they're up and aboot somewhere around the six o'clock hour with the requirements of eating and pooping. from what i understand, most dogs like to eat and poop at about six in the morning, though usually not at the exact same time.

a quick search of the house proved that there were no "accidents" so i went on with the feeding of the dogs which was followed shortly thereafter by the pooping of the dogs.

i noticed while outside that there was nobody out there except for the really (really) old guy who delivers newspapers and flyers from door to door in my new neighbourhood.

with the puppies in their crate and the cat fed, i decided it was time to go to work. since i still haven't done a proper grocery shopping since we moved into the new place, i figured a quick bite to eat at tim horton's would be the right thing to do. i AM canadian, i'm pretty sure it's my duty to go there at least every once in a while.

the drive to the tim horton's was uninterrupted by stop lights. as a matter of fact i managed not to stop at all until i pulled into the drive-thru.

and there was only ONE other car in the drive through. at 8:45 am. on a saturday. wtf mate?

so this morning i somehow managed to feed and walk the dogs, feed the cat, clean myself and get dressed, go to a tim horton's drive through AND manage to get to work within an hour of my waking up.

well, i suppose i can put up with things being "not right" as long as these things work in my favour.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

bamboo wednesday! part 8! and 1 day late!

well, i took the picture on wednesday. does that count?

still growing, but it looks more like it's growing outward now. the mediocrity of a camera phone's photos don't really do it justice.

so we've moved about 95% of our stuff into the new place. i'm very happy with the house so far, except it seems to be the scene of a crime caused by the muppet mafia...

as you can see, this poor little guy's arm is sticking out of a trash bag, and there's a block of ice where his head should be. perhaps i should call the police, or maybe even the pope. but then again, maybe the pope is responsible for this. the new pope is gaining a reputation for not being as forgiving as the old pope, and he could be a crotchety old bastard when he wanted to be.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

almost there

so the majority of my stuff is moved into the new place. most of the boxes went on friday and all the furniture went on saturday. yesterday i got to spend the day waiting for the cable and phone guys to come and hook my place up. the annoying thing is that my internet connection is still not working at home yet. i called sympatico support and they claimed all would be resolved within 4-6 hours. yeah. right.

the good news is that everything's almost done with more than two weeks left in the month. right from the beginning i knew i was going to take my time with this one. last year we did the whole move in one day and i vowed never again to make that mistake.

so today i will spend the day catching up on two missed days at work. i love those "what's the status on this" emails. they rule. and then i have to call sympatico support to figure that shit out too. gar.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

bamboo wednesday! part 7! and MOVING!

it seems to have grown this weekend.

also, i'm moving this weekend. huzzah.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

a sign i'm moving to a better neighbourhood

or neighborhood for our american friends...

i was in the new place doing some cleaning and painting and hear a ring at the doorbell.

no, it wasn't the pope, though it's not uncommon that he shows up unexpectedly. last time he showed up with two kegs and the entire star trek collection on dvd. i just stayed still and hoped that he didn't hear me.

opening the door actually revealed two neighbourhood girls somewhere around the age of 10. "do you have any daughters?" they asked.

where i live now, the only people who knock on my door are politicians and building maintenance people.

later in the day i looked out the window to see that these kids had gone on to decorate half the street with flowers and other girly things with sidewalk chalk. the only things i generally get to see on the street i live on now are modified 15 year old honda civics driving too fast and minivans packed with obnoxious families that have an insane amount of kids/relatives in them.

photos will be coming soon as soon as we're done painting eh.

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