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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

yes i do, pop-tarts are frosted!

this morning i was so tired that i had to eat pop-tarts.

Friday, August 24, 2007

no really, it was the best i could do

being that it's been weeks since i called my douchebag landlord to fix my sink, i've decided that if she can't be bothered to call me back, i can't be bothered to care. it's been a couple of days since i emptied the bucket that's catching the leaking water from my kitchen sink and i expect it could be to the point of overflowing. good, let the neighbours call the condo's board of directors again. there's nothing that i can do about the sweaty ass crack that is my landlord. i suppose in theory i could fix the sink myself, but i'd much prefer to be an asshole here.

today i have my performance review at job number one. it will be the first time in ... shit, i don't even know how long... that i've had a performance review. and being that i report directly to the CEO of my company, i have absolutely no knowledge of his expectations of me. if it wasn't for the fact that my job is so easy to do and i KNOW that i do it well, i might almost be worried.

as easy as job number one is, it's been oddly busy for the last couple of weeks. i've noticed that my goal of doing nothing and getting paid for it seems to be in the "not happening" stages - everybody wants a piece of me lately. just can't get enough mundane reports i suppose.

at my home, i've been taking some baby steps in switching my home computer from running Windows XP to running Ubuntu Linux as my home operating system. a friend of mine told me that i should create a blog to tell the world about my story, so i am going to do that. just not here in the land of welfare. i'll post some links for anyone who considers themselves dorky.. er.. curious enough about it. so far, things are moving along pretty well.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

anything but the kitchen sink eh?

when something goes wrong in my apartment, who you gonna call?

well, i wish it was the Ghost Busters, but unfortunately the right answer is my douchebag landlord.

sometime in recent days or weeks, i can't be sure, a leak developed in the u-shaped pipe under my kitchen sink. a brief glance showed that the pipe looked a little corroded and there was water in the bottom of the cupboard below the sink. a more thorough glance revealed that the pipe drips continuously as there is a small hole in it and there was an inch of water under my kitchen sink. according to the building manager it was leaking into the suite below ours.

as i live and rent in a condo building, this means that for fixing things i don't call the building management, i have to call the ass-wipe that is my landlord. the leak was discovered late on friday before the long weekend so the call to my douchebag landlord went first thing tuesday morning. as per usual, she did not answer her phone and i left a voicemail.

late tuesday afternoon i thought to myself "hey, i should give cunt-zilla a call to see if she's actually going to do anything about this". surprise surprise, voicemail again.

thursday i was busy, so the next follow up call went out friday afternoon.

voicemail again. holy shitting seagulls, what a surprise.

it's a good thing the damn thing doesn't leak more than a gallon per day, because that's the biggest bucket i could get underneath it.

the last time i had to deal with the drooling retard wench that is my landlord i had to call her boss and i'm going to guess that this time will not be any different. i'm going to give her until 11am tomorrow to call me at which point i'm going to put YET ANOTHER call into her office to make YET ANOTHER complaint about the arse hole.

it's also largely because of her that i'll be moving YET AGAIN this year. i hate moving. if anyone's interested in helping out, it's going to be sometime during the month of october. i'll be moving to a place that's bigger, nicer, does not have a leaking kitchen sink and hopefully will not have someone who's completely mentally incompetant as a landlord. is that so much to ask for?


Sunday, August 05, 2007

maybe it's me who's crazy for working on a sunday

the other day at the grocery store i picked up a copy of The Gods Must Be Crazy on dvd. i thought "hey, why not? it's a fun movie and it's only ten bucks."

last night i watched and enjoyed the movie once again. it's a silly fun movie telling the tale of an African bushman that is cursed with a coke bottle and must travel a great length to dispose of it off of the end of the earth. the amusing ignorance of the bushman and the slap-stick comedy of the other characters make for a fun film that everyone should enjoy.

i thought to myself - "hey, this is a dvd - i'm gonna check out the special features too" as it shows a brief documentary-style feature following a man's trip to the bushman N!Xau's home village in the Kalahari desert. what followed was not the life in blissful ignorance portrayed in the movie. what you actually see is a family struggling to survive. the possessions they have are what's left of the shirts on their backs. food is in short supply and smiles are hard to force out when you're starving to death. it was kind of a harsh reality that i think most people who have seen the movie weren't or won't be prepared for if they watch this featurette.

the good news is that things do get a bit better for N!Xau and his family, but he certainly does not see the fame or fortune that starring in two largely successful movies may bring most people.

in short, the movie is loads of fun to watch. i loved it when i was a child and still love it now. the special features on the dvd provide a shocking look at reality, but they do at least leave you with a sense that although things can't become 100% right all at once, they at least can get better as long as people keep helping out.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

one lovely afternoon in the park

today was hot and sunny. the only things active today were bugs...

this blue jay was telling me he'd had enough of my nonsense...

50 Cent has been losing territory to the less expensive mexican version - 50 Peso...

this guy was debating making the leap off the edge...

one little plant on the rocky riverside...

the picnic table didn't make it over the dam...

collecting garbage in the river...

baby rainbow trout...


what you lookin' at?


Thursday, August 02, 2007

1 dog, 1 cat, many chances to screw up the photos

it seems to me that it's nearly impossible to get pictures of the cat and the dog the way i want to have them. for example - taking a picture of the dog sitting pretty and this happens...

try to get a picture of the cat doing something cool - impossible. he's too much of a loaf...